Volume Incentives

The purpose of the Volume Incentive allocation is to reward early participation; 7,425,000 oFM tokens are being allocated to a 500-epoch volume incentives program. Traders will be rewarded based on their pro-rata share of notional trading volume in a given epoch. Each epoch is 250 million in trading volume.

This will be applicable to volume traded on:

  • Flowmatic Terminal 1.0

  • Flowmatic API

  • Flowmatic powered dApps and integrations

    • Flowmatic Modal

Epoch 1 will consist of 183,325 oFM (73.33 oFM per $100,000 in notional volume traded). Further epochs will follow the exponentially decaying curve in the figure below.

In additional to incentives offered by Flowmatic, all volume traded through Flowmatic products will be eligible for HXRO Network Volume Incentives.

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